Diagnosing, Preventing, and Treating Cannabis Plant Problems

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Cannabis plant problems? Diagnosing cannabis plant issues and diseases is a full-time job in a commercial setting. And whether it’s wilting leaves or powdery residue, the faster the issue is diagnosed, the less risk it is to production and profitability. Of the dozens of diseases and problems you could encounter in the grow room, we…

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Cannabis Lighting Schedule Explained

How Light Affects Cannabis

How Light Affects Cannabis Cannabis, like all plants, transforms light, water, and CO2 into energy through photosynthesis. While the photosynthetic process only happens during daylight hours, that doesn’t mean all biological processes go idle once the lights turn off. Your cannabis plants need a period of darkness to use carbohydrate energy stores that were tucked…

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Cannabis Education: The World鈥檚 Top Cannabis Programs

Cannabis Education - Complete Guide

Cannabis Education Overview聽& Introduction While cannabis, like other industries, is currently experiencing a downturn, the long-term prospects are still sky-high. Estimates vary considerably, but the total cannabis market is expected to be valued between 57 and 100 billion by 2030, depending on which reports you believe. Leafly recently reported that there are nearly half a…

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