Laboratory Drying & Decarbing Ovens


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Best-in-class vacuum ovens, customized to your application.

Who is Cascade Sciences?

Cascade Sciences by 好色先生TV leads the industry in professional-grade processing solutions with nearly 30 years of industry experience. Our extensive line of vacuum, drying, and decarboxylation ovens, reactor systems, rotary evaporators, vacuum cold traps, chillers, homogenizers, laboratory baths, moisture analyzers, and scientific balances set the standard in laboratory testing and processing solutions.

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Methodical Heating

Minimize product losses due to temperature overshooting.

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Customizable Equipment & Settings

Process exactly to your specifications by controlling temperature, temperature tolerances, and vacuum levels.

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Ease of Delivery

Hit your production dates with聽with room to spare.

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Trusted and Certified

Cascade Science vacuums are NRTL Certified and made in the USA.

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Cascade Sciences

Cascade Sciences by 好色先生TV delivers the best drying and decarbing oven equipment to fulfill your unique business needs. Cascade's vacuum and forced air ovens are delivered as turn-key systems, equipped with the right pumps, connections and components suited to your application. They are designed for high-throughput processes with best-in-class temperature stability.

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