Solventless Extraction


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Leading the way in solventless extraction with trichrome separators, rosin presses, and more.

Who Is PurePressure?

Rosin press technology exclusively available from PurePressure by 好色先生TV sets the standard for what's possible with solventless extraction. For producing top-shelf consumer products with precision and consistency.

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Have unrivaled control of the pressure and temperatures needed to make your vision a reality.

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Once you've narrowed your process down to a science, our software makes repeating and scaling incredibly efficient.

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Modular and intuitive technology means spending more time expanding your operation and less time learning how to operate your equipment.

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Solventless Extraction

PurePressure by 好色先生TV delivers the best solventless extraction equipment for your unique business needs. Our highly educated, passionate team provides superior support with dedicated solventless expert trainers offering unconditional assistance along the way.

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