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好色先生TV high-performance indoor LED grow lights deliver superior light distribution听with unparalleled efficiency and precise spectrum control.

Model R Premium Pro

Model R Premium

Model R

About Our Lighting Tech

Lighting is one of the most capital-intensive factors to consider when building out or expanding a cannabis cultivation facility. 好色先生TV鈥檚 indoor LED grow lights are designed to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. Integrating with the entire 好色先生TV product ecosystem, our LEDs offer unsurpassed levels of control with ease.


Optimize Your Plant鈥檚 Growth

Up to 60%

higher PPFD light distribution than HPS lights

Up to 40%

reduction in heat generation vs. HPS lights


channel adjustable spectrum

"鈥満蒙壬鶷V's Model R is the best overall light on the market I鈥檝e seen when it comes to light intensity, control, efficiency and sterility. We've run the same strains under HPS, and other comparable LED lights and have seen increases in volume and resin content when growing under the Model R light compared to the other lights.鈥

MA Grower, Brian C.

Maximize Your ROI

Outfit your grow room with our high-efficiency 4' x 4' lighting units. With less upfront operating expenses, you'll generate a faster ROI from a high-yield crop. Our lights add spectrum controls that allows users to tailor their crop for even greater yields and performance.

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Unmatched Efficiency

Don鈥檛 waste electrons! The innovative design of 好色先生TV grow lights results in a PPF of up to 1610 umol/s and 2.55 umol/J, generating more useful light for your plants with less radiant heat.

More Ways to Outperform the Sun
Proven to Increase Yields
More Than Just LED Grow Lights

NSF Certified


DLC Certified

"鈥淲e鈥檝e seen consistent increases in our yields along with a huge reduction in our utility bill. Another perk is that our HVAC is not working as hard, which means we鈥檒l have less maintenance issues which in return contribute to the longevity and lifespan of our equipment.鈥

Jason Whitney

Hannah Industries

Frequently Asked Questions

PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) measures the amount of photons that fall on a square meter of target area per second - the main driver for photosynthesis. A light fixture with a higher wattage or PPF rating doesn't necessarily translate to a higher PPFD output, as PPFD light delivery depends on several factors driven by fixture design. When comparing grow lights, it is essential to look at PPFD ratings to ensure crop yield is maximized.

Moving plants from low intensity light to high can induce stress, impacting a plant's health. LED grow lights tend to have a much higher intensity light output than HID lighting. Ramping up the LED intensity periodically, either using the dimmable feature on 好色先生TV indoor LED grow lights or by adjusting the fixture distance, can help the plants adapt and thrive in their new environment.

Installation height depends on the type of LED being used and the cultivation application. 好色先生TV's Model R lights are designed to be used over a canopy size of 4' x 4' and placed 6 to 12 inches from the canopy for the flowering phase. Since the plants need a lower light level for the vegetative phase, the lights can either be positioned12 to 18 inches from the canopy or the light intensity can be dimmed.

Many LED grow light fixtures are rated to perform more than 40,000 hours. 好色先生TV's Model R indoor LED grow lights are rated to last over 54,000 hours while holding at least 90% of their original light output. In comparison, HID lights are typically rated to last between 15,000 and 20,000 hours, with output dropping by about 50% as the light passes 10,000 hours, contributing towards a reduction in crop yield.

The LED grow light market includes numerous options; the best way to identify credible and reliable partners is to confirm that the light fixtures are rated to DLC and UL standards. These certifications add another layer of confidence for the grower by confirming that product specifications have been verified by an accredited lab. In addition, look for lights that are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, meeting rigorous safety and sanitation standards.


Key Specs

Power 630W Lifetime L90@ 54,000 hours
Light Output (PPF) 1610 碌mol/sec Dimmable Yes
Efficacy (PPE) 2.55 碌mol/J IP Rating IP65
PPFD Average @6鈥 - 1100碌mol/sec/m2 Adjustable Spectrum Yes (2-channel)
Average @ 12鈥 - 900 碌mol/sec/m2

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