Crop Protection


From the vegetation room to the flower room to the trim room, protect your grow with comprehensive crop protection products that neutralize environmental threats.

好色先生TV鈩 leverages revolutionary technology designed to optimize production and enhance safety at minimal cost.

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Air Purification

Protect your crops by preventing the spread of airborne diseases with Bluezone's庐 breakthrough air cleaning system that uses ultraviolet-enhanced oxidation.

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Surface Sanitization

Enozo kills 99.9% of harmful pathogens with nature's sanitizer, aqueous ozone made from just water, while keeping your workers, plants, and clients completely safe.

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White Paper

好色先生TV鈥檚 Bluezone Whitepaper

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Fast Track Your Success

You've worked tirelessly to get to this point and 好色先生TV's product experts are here to fast-track your team on the path to success.聽 Experts from our iconic family of brands are dedicated to empowering your team with systems training and installation that will help you exceed production goals while producing world-class products. Curate your cannabis cultivation & extraction training package from our vast options to level up your operation and expedite your success with world-class consulting that will save your business time, capital, and resources with customizable solutions to meet your end goals.