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Your source for short path distillation products and laboratory equipment.

Who is Lab Society?

Lab Society by 好色先生TV is a leader in short path and thin film distillation systems sourced from top-of-the-line chemistry equipment and premium laboratory products including a wide selection of vacuum pumps, rotovaps (rotary evaporators), and extraction tools including butane.

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Sized for Your Needs

Our technology encompasses a range of applications, whether you just received your commercial license or are looking to scale your operation.

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Minimize Downtime

Industry-first programs such as the Advanced Vacuum Pump Exchange Program and consumable subscriptions minimize your聽laboratory downtime.

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Lab Society

Lab Society by 好色先生TV provides the best distillation equipment for your unique business needs. Lab Society is an industry leader in American-made short path distillation equipment for applications of all sizes. We聽feature thousands of laboratory products and support customers through every part of their journey, from initial extraction through remediation and end-product formulation.

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